Road Stories Blog

Manhu receives a warm welcome in Chicago, IL

By Shigeyo Henriquez

Manhu arrived in Chicago on September 7 after nearly twenty hours of travel. On the 8th there was no time to rest. The group was off to Fredric Chopin Elementary School in Chicago for its first workshop.

Celebrating the 2015–2017 Arts Midwest World Fest

By Ken Carlson

The 2015–2017 Arts Midwest World Fest cycle has come to an end. Well over three hundred workshops in schools and community locations for people of all ages, thirty-six public concerts, one rough snowstorm, and countless wonderful connections—a few of which you can see in the photos below.

Arts Midwest World Fest Makes a New Connection

By Ken Carlson

Shigeyo (second from left) and Togawa-san (second from right) with Bamboo Orchestra in Columbus, IN (2005-2007 cycle). Photo by Karen Shrode.

A spectacular finish in Rhinelander

By Lindajoy Fenley

Our Rhinelander reception was spectacular. After an eight-hour drive from Minnesota, we were greeted by a huge, shining orb—a giant moon just one day before the exact date of the November “supermoon.” It hovered just above the lake in front of two cabins that were the final stop of Lorraine Klaasen’s tour, and our host for the week, Nicolet College Theater Director Jim Nuttall, took a quick snapshot. The week proved to be as marvelous as that beautiful moon and our hard-working host had promised.

Beautiful Greeting from Native Americans

By Lindajoy Fenley

When Lorraine Klaasen issued her signature, “Good morning, everyone!” in a way to elicit a strong response from each and every student present at Lac du Flambeau Public School, several students instead said, “Boozhoo!” Several ensemble members speak French and thought they heard “Bonjour.” However, the Native American students had greeted their South African visitors in the Ojibwe language.

Telling stories, explaining names

By Lindajoy Fenley

The strong beat and harmonious melodies of South Africa enraptured World Fest audiences in Minnesota as they did in the Dakotas and Iowa. However, the stories Lorraine Klaasen and her instrumentalists share are perhaps what make their visit unforgettable to many Midwesterners.

Many Conversations in North Dakota

By Lindajoy Fenley

Several opportunities for deeper conversations—from the well-attended reception on the first day in town to an impromptu post-concert party in our hotel lobby—happened during the Wahpeton, North Dakota, residency last week.

North Dakota sings welcome

By Lindajoy Fenley

North Dakota’s big blue welcome sign on the freeway was an accurate harbinger of things to come during week three of the Lorraine Klaasen tour with Arts Midwest World Fest. People of all ages greeted the ensemble with song our first three days in Wahpeton, ND.

Anda Union greets audiences around Adrian, MI

By Ken Carlson

The Croswell Opera House in Adrian, MI, is going through some significant renovations right now, but that didn’t prevent the Croswell and the region from giving Anda Union a wonderful welcome and week in the community area.

Rainbow Nation Remembered

By Lindajoy Fenley

Just as South Africa became the “Rainbow Nation” when anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela accepted his country’s presidency in 1994, the Community Life Center at Brooking’s United Methodist Church became the place for a rainbow gathering at the end of Lorraine Klaasen’s second residency week. The South Dakota community danced to Township music as it celebrated the culture of a faraway country.